The Basics

Ticker: FINX

Contract Address:

Chain: BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)

The FINX Maximum Token Supply is 1 Billion while the FINX Current Market Supply stands at 25 Million. In essence, the economic significance of the FINX ecosystem will derive from the fee income generated from the various products and services that the platforms offers like DeFi. The FINX platform aims to create a self-sustainable ecosystem where all users are able to spend and earn FINX token incentives, keeping the tokens in circulation within the ecosystem without the need to rely on external facilities.

All fee income will be FINX to the Company, and then distributed under various community incentive programs. There is a total of 1 billion $FINX tokens that will be used within our eco system. Buy backs and burns for FINX token(s) may be required and applicable at times ensuring the token stays a deflationary token

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