Meet The Team

Eugene, Cofounder + COO
Eugene started his exposure to the capital market with a gold company where he manage to trade physical gold with institutions and organizations. He then joined Huobi as a Business Development Manager and was quickly promoted to Country Manager after 3 months and subsequently became the Regional Manager in Huobi OTC.
During his time in crypto career, he noticed the inflexibility at crypto on/off ramp service commonly encountered by most crypto exchanges and decided to collaborate with inspiring minds to work on a solution to fill the gap.
That is when Eugene founded FINX Global - a Crypto to fiat solution that bridges decentralize and centralize exchange. Currently, he continues to build new collaborations to strengthen the FINX Global platform and turn it into a solution that will be vital in our future daily payment system.
Rex, Cofounder + CSO
Rex has 7 years of experience in developing business strategy and doing consultations for major industry players. His most recent role was as a consultant for 2 big companies where he successfully helped them to go public (public listed). Rex started looking into blockchain as a hobby but he dived deeper into the industry when he saw the potential in crypto & FINX vision. He then decided to use his knowledge to help strategise FINX and help it achieve milestones in its intended direction
Henry Chai, CEO
Henry started his career as a software engineer in payment systems before embarking on blockchain technology. A versatile, young and knowledgeable tech guy who has gained considerable exposure in payment gateway and DevOps. Henry has attended blockchain training in China and is currently developing FINX blockchain and back-end structure.
Vince Yeap, CTO
Vince developed his career as an application engineer in card management systems before embarking on blockchain technology. Vince has over 4 years of experience in the financial services and banking industry. Vince joined FINX in 2019 and is currently managing FINX blockchain and IT infrastructure. Vince is a multi-talented, genetic and knowledgeable tech guy who has gained exposure in banking and card systems
Alex, Chief Marketing Officer
Alex started his career as a Tax Accountant in the United States before venturing into the Business Development/Marketing role in Indonesia. With over 5 years of experience working in Financial Services, he expanded his expertise to the Crypto world. Alex joined an International Crypto Exchange company and helped them set up a foothold in Indonesia, where he specialized in P2P and Fiat-Crypto transactions.
Joseph, Business Development Director
Joseph has a background in Strategic Marketing and Partnerships. He was one of the early co-founding team and acted as a Strategic Partnerships Lead for a game-fi project which became a major hit. He believes that through strategic partnerships, different projects are able to support one another in the aspect of opening new doors or ideas to form meaningful collaborations.