The Last Stand Game

Introducing - The Last Stand Game

The concept of this game is simple — it’s like playing a game of musical chairs but instead of aiming for the last remaining chair, players will be strategically deciding whether to burn or HODL their FINX Genesis NFT to get to the last remaining Genesis NFT. In the end, the last player that burns the Genesis NFT will get the most FINX Token. It’s wise to remember that the last stand player can receive up to 250,000 FINX tokens.

Now that you understand the concept, which depends on two factors — the length of time you HODL and the number of NFTs remaining in the game, here’s how the reward is calculated:

Reward = (2500 x time passed + treasury x 0.6 ) total time NFT remaining

Here’s what each term means:

  • 2500 stands for FINX tokens that will be distributed at the start of the game.

  • Time Passed stands for the length of time you hodl Xyrica (FINX Genesis NFT) for the duration of the game (max is 180 days)

  • Treasury stands for the existing amount of prizes available.

  • NFT remaining refers to the number of Xyrica remaining in the game

By now you would be wondering, why your reward is multiplied by 0.6. Well, because we are a self-sufficient ecosystem, we will use 0.4 or 40% of the total reward to supply the treasury. Hence why only 0.6 or 60% will then be distributed as rewards.

The calculation might sound a little complicated but the concept remains the same. The longer you hodl, the higher your chances are at getting more tokens. It’s a game of strategy, where anyone can reap different rewards but in the end, the one with the best strategy would be The Last one Standing.

Are you ready to step up to the challenge?

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