Q1 2022 (Completed)

  • Building a Loyal Community of FINX stakeholders and potential partners.
  • Private testnet of the FINX Wallet
  • Rebuilding FINX ecosystem

Q2 2022 (Completed)

  • Updating FINX vision and mission statements
  • Re-designing FINX official website
  • Official launch FINX Extension Wallet
  • Kick-off FINSwap development in private testnet
  • Forming new strategic partnerships

Q3 2022 (On-going)

  • BETA launch of FINSwap platform
  • BETA launch of FINX dApp
  • Integrating the FINX dApp with the staking feature

Q4 2022

  • FINX Genesis NFT Official Launch
  • $FINX listing on major DEX platform
  • FINX DAPP official launch (iOS & Android)
  • FINX Virtual global card official launch
  • Introducing FINX's referral program in FINX ecosystem
  • Adding lending and LP pool feature in FINX DAPP
  • Intensifying daily task and reward program in FINX DAPP
  • Kick-off FINX NFT marketplace

Q1 2023

  • Initialisation of FINX strategic hyper growth plan
  • Beginning of fixed term staking program
  • Introduce multi reward pool for FINX token & NFT holders
  • FINX NFT marketplace BETA launch

Q2 2023

  • Official launch of FINX NFT marketplace
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