Updated on January 11, 2022

We have decided to change our roadmap to a to-do list format that is not tie with time, as we all can agree that Crypto moves fast, alot of things do not usually go according to our plan.

Thus, we now don't publicly commit to certain deadlines, but rather focus on what we should complete based on our development priorities.

Done / Iterating

  • FINX Wallet Extension Launch

  • FINSWAP Beta Launch

  • FINSWAP Stablecoin Fixed Term Staking

  • Whitepaper & Roadmap Update

  • Integrating FINSWAP into FINX Wallet (mobile)

  • FINX First Offline Conference

  • Official Launch of FINX Wallet

  • Website 2nd Gen Website Update

On - Going (Q1 - Q3)

  • FINTAP development

  • FINTAP launch

  • FINX Token Listing

  • FINX Token Public Sale

  • FINX Genesis NFT Launch

Upcoming in Q4 2023

  • FINX NFT Marketplace

  • FINX Launchpad


Q1 2022 (Completed)

  • Building a Loyal Community of FINX stakeholders and potential partners.

  • Private testnet of the FINX Wallet

  • Rebuilding FINX ecosystem

Q2 2022 (Completed)

  • Updating FINX vision and mission statements

  • Re-designing FINX official website

  • Official launch FINX Extension Wallet

  • Kick-off FINSwap development in private testnet

  • Forming new strategic partnerships

Q3 2022 (Completed)

  • BETA launch of FINSwap platform

  • Multiple partnerships formed

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