FINX Genesis NFT - Xyrica

The Origin of Xyrica

In a peaceful village in the land of Finx, there once was a wise Alchemist who wanted to gift the people of the village something magical — a gift that could help them build better houses and buy better tools and ingredients for their family business.

The Alchemist had long thought about what he wanted. He wanted a creature to resemble Finx, often known to people by the logo “X” and he wanted a creature that symbolises presence so that the people of the village know they will always be looked after no matter where and when.

After working night and day, the alchemist finally created Xyrica, a kind of butterfly that has the ability to bring fortune to those who are brave enough to catch it.

Born from a rare cocoon, Xyrica often has wings made of fairytales and fantasies from luscious feathers, to diamonds, Xyrica captivates every eye that lays eyes on its sight so, in order to catch it and keep them, the brave ones will have to move carefully.

Those who own Xyrica considers themselves the lucky ones as they believe that the Xyrica will bring them abundance. While some choose to let go of their Xyrica in return for gifts, some choose to hold on to them in hopes that one day, their last remaining Xyrica will fly towards what is believed to be the holy light of FinX and evolve into shiny tokens that will help them become rich.

Xyrica Minting Details

FINX is issuing 9999 FINX Genesis NFT, also known as Xyrica. Users who own at least 1 NFT can participate in our Public Sales, which will be done in the INO format (Initial NFT Offering). This gives users the opportunities to gain FINX tokens from the Xyrica they mint.

To gain FINX tokens, you then need to burn the NFT first. We call this The Last Stand game.

Learn more about The Last Stand here!

Xyrica NFT Benefits

  • Higher staking APY in FINSwap

  • Access to multiple airdrop rewards

  • Participating in FINX future launchpad

  • Free FINX Virtual Global Card

  • Referral Bonus

  • And many more!

Read more on the burning mechanism here:


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