FINX Wallet

FINX Wallet extension and FINX dApp

Get Started With FINX Wallet Extension

FINX Wallet Extension is one of the most comprehensive wallets out there today, and it’s already available on Chrome, Brave & Firefox! With this wallet, users can easily manage multiple types of assets in one wallet without needing other plug-in wallets. Advantage of FINX wallet extension includes:

  • Multi-chain asset management

  • Non-custodial wallet

  • Support of various DAPP platform

  • Simplified UI/UX


With the inbuilt all-chain system, the user can buy cryptocurrencies from all blockchains. Conversely, the users can sell their digital assets via the extension in order to gain other assets such as fiat or non-fungible tokens within a certain chain. The buy and sell process is simplified and takes place within the platform thus saving the user from the hassle of using multiple platforms for a single task.

How does it work?

As a browser extension, it customizes your web browser to enable integration with other decentralized applications to enable you to carry out your operations in the digital sphere seamlessly. With it, you are guaranteed cryptocurrency transactions within minutes that do not require you to use multiple platforms.

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FINX Wallet (Android & IOS)

The FINX Wallet is now available in both Apple Store & Google Playstore as an alternative to our initial wallet extension. Both of these wallets (extension & dApp) are linked, with an alternative for users to access their account easily on their mobile.

The wallet is also linked directly to FINSWAP to enable users to participate in staking straight within the app, relieving them of the burden of carrying the laptop everywhere. It will also be linked to FINTAP which will give users access to a virtual global card that users can use literally anywhere across the globe.

FINX Wallet is also decentralized. Thus eliminating most of the security issues as we do not store any of your information, so the risk of it being hacked and falling into the hand of irresponsible people is 0. With FINX Wallet, users can not only send and receive crypto, but they can store their crypto as well.

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